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The World Hotel Award


Booked.net is an independent and fast-growing booking service with a young enthusiastic team and more than 220000 hotels in our database.

To improve the experience of our clients and show appreciation for the high-quality service of the best hotels, we decided to establish an award based on a fresh and creative approach.

We concluded that the best contribution to the existing awarding systems for hotels would be to estimate a value for money ratio in specific destinations for each nominee based on a reasonable balance of opinions.

We award winners as an incentive to keep the quality of their service high and to make sure clients from all over the world can trust the awarded hotel.

How is the rating formed?

The basis of our criteria is a value for money ratio of hotel’s services.

This approach, though ambitious and challenging for our analysts, will provide hotels and customers with a complete picture of how the hotel is ranked by public opinion.

To aggregate data we refer to 18 global and local review sites.

We analyze more than 40 million guest reviews and expert opinions for more than 200000 accommodation types.

We consider only those reviews or opinions that have appeared 12 months before the award is given out.

A considerable amount of reviews are unjustifiably biased. Even a small amount of them can greatly and unfairly distort a hotel’s rating.To prevent this we sort out around 10% of the highest praising and the most damning feedback messages.

The reviews we evaluate the most are detailed and contain photographs. They have the biggest impact on the overall rating of the hotel. We check them for offensive language and fake content.

Then the algorithm is used in order to estimate the hotel’s rating position:

  • We take the percentage of travelers who recommend the accommodation type and sort it by theme and star rating.
  • The accommodation rating is then compared to the average rating for accommodation at the same destination.
  • The accommodation’s average price per night for two people is then compared with the average price in this accommodation’s locality. The average price by destination is calculated separately for 2, 3, 4 and 5-star hotels.

Our Awards

The Best, Highly Recommended, and Recommended accommodation is awarded. The“Best Hotel” award is presented to rating leaders in one of the following categories: family, luxury, business, resort, spa and design.

A “Highly Recommended” award is presented to hotels with a 7.5 or more rating score.

A “Recommended” award is presented to hotels with a 6.5 or more rating score.

Get More Direct Bookings from Your Website

If your hotel receives an award from us, you have a great opportunity to attract more clients. Placing our badge on your website will increase the amount of direct bookings as proven by various research.

Awards based on reviews are increasingly important for travelers during the research process and when choosing a hotel. Given equal prices, travelers are four times more likely to choose a hotel with higher ratings core and up to 76% of them say they would pay more for a hotel with higher average rating scores.

So put our badge and certificate on your hotel’s web pages and share the good news in social networks to showcase your achievement and watch the number of your clients grow.