Accessible tourism

Accessible tourism in La Fortuna

Options of places and tourist attractions with accessible spaces for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs:

The Arenal Volcano National Park, La Peninsula sector

This park is one of several tours for families in La Fortuna de San Carlos. After knowing this wonderful national park, it is recommended to enjoy a relaxing bath in thermal water from the imposing Arenal volcano.

In the walk through this national park it is possible to observe a great variety of flora and fauna typical of the area. Among the existing fauna, birds such as turkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, orioles, parakeets, umbrella birds and bell birds can be seen. Likewise, other animals can be observed, such as a variety of snakes, mountain chancha, pizote, mongo congo, colorado and white face, among others. If you visit it on a clear day you can see wonderful views of the Laguna del Arenal, the mountains of Tillarán and the Chato hill.

In the Arenal Volcano National Park, animals such as hummingbirds are observed. This national park has trails of different length and duration, adapting to the taste of each visitor. Each path has its own appeal.

Trails of the Arenal Volcano National Park:

Heliconias Trail: This trail has a length of 610 meters. The road is flat, with a narrow stretch and is covered with vegetation. From here you can see the crater of the volcano.

Coladas Trail: It has a length of 1.7 km. On this tour you can see the volcanic cone, Lake Arenal and the Tilarán mountain range.

El Ceibo Trail: This route is relatively flat, 2.3 km long and here you can see the great Ceiba pentandra tree, which is over 400 years old.

Viewpoint to the volcanic cone: Its route is 1.5 km and in this you can see the Arenal volcano.

At the beginning of 2017, the peninsula sector was built, where the “La Peninsula” path is located. This has a length of 1.2 kilometers, extended in the middle of the forest. It is also equipped for people with reduced mobility, has a viewpoint overlooking the area of ​​Lake Arenal, at the end of the trail, a visitor center and exhibition areas.


Every day from 8 a. m. at 4 p. m.


National adult, and resident: ¢ 1,000.

National child, and resident: ¢ 500.

Adult resident Nov: $ 15.

Non-resident child: $ 5.

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Efforts regarding accessibility:

Mystic Park is an ecotourism project that began with suspension bridges and today offers a variety of tours on nature trails in the middle of the forest, many of which are accessible to people with physical disabilities. In addition, its staff has experience in serving people with different conditions of physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities.

Technical information:

Mistico Park as a tourism company of nature, adventure and well-being, understands and applies the rules of law for the freedom of recreation and free recreation of all people.

It promotes, through corporate principles and business guidelines, the training, awareness and education of staff on issues of customer service with disabilities to provide according to the mission and vision of the company, quality services and authentic experiences in a service model, infrastructure and universal attention for visitors.

It rejects all forms of discrimination and works in the social, community and work environment for equal opportunities in relation to the awareness of forest conservation through the responsible enjoyment of natural resources.

Accessible services of Mistico Park:

  1. 65 employees trained in customer service with disabilities
  2. 1 interpreter of Costa Rican Sign Language
  3. Signature guide for visually impaired people
  4. Nursing service
  5. 1 cognitive disability technician
  6. Accessible toilets in compliance with law 7600
  7. Ramps
  8. Accessible trail 1.5 kilometers non-slip and with railing with an aditional cost of $12.
  9. 2 Helipad
  10. Embossed lettering of toilets
  11. Electric scooter for people with reduced mobility
  12. Cardioprotected Zone.
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SKY Tram

Tramway Panoramic Views

Rise up to highest point of the mountain on a ride that will amaze you in many ways. Sky Tram is an aerial tramway on which you will ride on a open air gondola that will rise smoothly through the forest offering endless views during its mountainous ascent. This experience is perfect for all of those who want to take a different approach on admiring Costa Rican nature, without much physical effort, but always being on spot where natures exhibits all its magic. On the ride, besides the views of the surrounding forests and beyond, you will be able to admire distinctive flora and fauna that might be only spotted from above, so keep an eye out for distinct natural treasures. Once Sky Tram gondolas reach the top, you will arrive at a wide observation platform on the highest point of the reserve, where you will be admired with the best views on a unique place to get in touch with nature.


$48 Adults

$33 Childs

$40 Students

$31  Nationals

Canopy Tour Ecoglide Arenal

Canopy tour in La Fortuna

If you like adventure, visit one of the attractions that makes Costa Rica famous as a worldwide tourist destination, the Canopy tour.

The Canopy Tour of Arenal Ecoglide Park is located 3.5 km west of the Catholic temple in La Fortuna de San Carlos, was built following the standards required by the Costa Rican Tourism

Institute and National Insurance Institute. It consists of two cables, one sliding and the other independent cable for greater security of our users.


It consists of 11 cables, 13 platforms and a suspension bridge, the tour is divided into two sections. Nine of these platforms are in the trees, where visitors can have greater contact with nature, while releasing adrenaline in a healthy and safe way.

Within the route we can find the Tarzan Swing, which consists of a swing where we jump from a platform to a void in a forest clearing rocking for several times with special equipment, until we leave all our worries, its height reaches almost 40 meters.

The tour is distributed in 2 sections:

The first consists of 6 cables and 7 platforms, with lengths up to 210 meters long and an average height of 25 meters.

At the end of this second stage is the Tarzan Swing.

And the second consists of 5 cables and 6 platforms, with lengths ranging from 100 meters to 430 meters.

The whole tour takes approximately 2 hours.

Price: From $100 in advance.

El Canopy de Arenal Ecoglide Park está ubicado a 3.5 km al oeste del templo católico en La Fortuna de San Carlos, fue construido siguiendo los estándares requeridos por el Instituto Costarricense de Turismo e Instituto Nacional de Seguros. El mismo consta de dos cables, uno de deslizamiento y el otro cable independiente para mayor seguridad de nuestros usuarios.

Está formado por 11 cables, 13 plataformas y un puente colgante, el tour está dividido en dos secciones. Nueve de estas plataformas se encuentra ubicadas en los árboles, donde los visitantes puedan tener un mayor contacto con la naturaleza, mientras liberan adrenalina de una forma sana y segura.

Dentro del recorrido podremos encontrar el Tarzan Swing, que consiste en un columpio donde saltamos desde una plataforma hacia un vacío en un claro del bosque meciéndonos por varias ocasiones con equipo especial, hasta que dejemos todas nuestras preocupaciones, su altura alcanza casi los 40 metros.

El recorrido se distribuye en 2 secciones:

La primera consta de 6 cables y 7 plataformas, con longitudes de hasta 210 metros de largo y una altura promedio de 25 metros.

Al finalizar esta segunda etapa se encuentra el Tarzán Swing.

Y la segunda consta de 5 cables y 6 plataformas, con longitudes que van desde los 100 metros hasta los 430 metros.

Todo el recorrido tarda aproximadamente 2 horas.

Precio: $100 en adelante.