Chocolate Tour

With the view of the majestic Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna of San Carlos, enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience, discovering the ancient secrets of chocolate: from its discovery and use, in tropical America, to the processing of the product we know and enjoy today.... read more

Coffee Tour

Come join us for a two hour journey through the history and process of coffee production in Costa Rica. We grow 100% organic coffee, free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We will explore the practices that make it possible to produce in a monoculture... read more

Paradise Hot Springs

Our waters are naturally heated by the Arenal Volcano, they’re pure and without any kind of added chemicals. Water’s geological origin can be telluric or magmatic, in the case of Paradise, the water is telluric, which means it’s young water, rained water that is... read more

Termales Los Lagos

The Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort hot springs are an extraordinary gift from nature and result from the interaction of groundwater with magma from the active Arenal Volcano. The volcano’s internal energy and minerals, the same that emerge from the entrails of the... read more

Baldi Hot Springs

Amidst the tropical rainforest, these 25 thermal water pools are filled by crystalline waterfalls, for the use and enjoyment of al visitors. The purity of the water will make you feel like you are floating in a oasis of healing, with birds singing all around and the... read more

Sunset Lake View

Sunset Lake Cruise tour on Arenal Lake offers you breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding landscapes. In this two-hour boat ride you will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds such as Flycatchers, Kingfishers, Anhingas and mammals such as... read more


Our most popular tour picks up in your hotel around 5:15 am to arrive at Mundo Aventura Natural Park by 5:30 am, and ends around 9:30 am, after a delicious light breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. The circuit trail combines tree plantations, a gallery forest... read more

Caño Negro Tour

Unique Caño Negro is one of the most amazing trips for incredible bird watching ( on dry season ) and wildlife in Costa Rica. Our tour leaves La Fortuna at 7:30 a.m. On the way to Caño Negro you will have the opportunity to learn about agriculture plantations that... read more

Eco Centro Danaus

Day Tour: During the daytime walk trail runs 600 meters in circular shape and accessible to all audiences, where you can appreciate a diversity of plants, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, insects, among others. Night Walking Tour: During the night walk you can easily... read more

Night Walk Tour

As night falls we head into the tropical rainforest to discover one of the most interesting attractions the Arenal Volcano has to offer, it`s nocturnal fauna. This experience will take to explore the depths of nature in its most spectacular hour-nightfall. This... read more

Hanging Trail Bridges

Enjoy strolling comfortably through the beautiful Tropical Rain Forest at Mistico Park and its revitalizing paths full of nature and wildlife. Walk across the Hanging Bridges and gaze at a 18 meters (60 feet) waterfall within a comfortable non-slippery trail without... read more

Safari Caño Negro

Safary Float by Canoa This relaxing nature tour begins with a brief instruction in paddling by our experienced guides to ensure your safety and comfort. Floating downriver by canoe you will enjoy both the slow pace of the river and the peace of the surrounding... read more

Maleku Indigenous Reserve

The tour begins at 8:00 am from La Fortuna. After a 1 hour drive through the northern plains you will arrive at the Indian community Palenque Tonjibe and be warmly received by their people. After a short presentation, we will begin a hike through the village to... read more

Arenal Vida Campesina Ecological Farm

Enjoy a guided journey guided of the Arenal Vida Campesina property where you can appreciate traditional and non-traditional cultivations and take part in activities like hmilking a cow, making tortillas, gathering of vegetables from the vegetable garden, cultural... read more

Canoying Spider Monkey

A naturally formed canyon on the slopes of Arenal volcano is the scenary of the most dynamic adventure in Costa Rica. You will challenge your adventurer spirit at the Spider Monkey Canyon, splashing through crystal clear streams, conquering the magnificent canyon... read more

Canopy Los Cañones

Canopy Tour Los Cañones offers a tour full of adrenaline within the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest, with the possibility of seeing tropical birds or howler monkeys, while you are a guest in their home. The canopy route consists of 12 cables and 13 platforms,... read more

Horseback riding Tour

Featuring the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding rainforest as the main natural scenery, at our horseback riding camp you can enjoy a key nature tour for your Costa Rican vacation, on very well tended horses. After horseback riding lessons or instruction as needed,... read more

ATV Tour

We start at La Pradera Hotel, after a little explanation of how to drive, the security rules and a driving practice, we will go to a private farm, through a beautiful scenario of nature, trees, birds and animals, we will enjoy all the way to the a very high point on... read more
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